TRU Hoopster Plays in UK

  Posted on: September 19, 2005


KAMLOOPS-Star basketball player Skye Buck, who was named BCCAA Player of the Year in 2004, when he was also named a CCAA Tournament Championship 1st team All-Star, and a CCAA All-Canadian, is shooting hoops for the Essex and Hertz Leopards basketball team, which competes in the English Basketball League (EBL).

“To find the team here was actually quite a task,” said Buck. “I talked to former UCC players who in their travels have come across European teams and used some of their advice.”

Buck flew over to Germany at the beginning of July to attend a Professional Identification Camp in Bonn. He had planned to email or phone teams in the numerous different leagues they have in each country of Europe, with plans to try out until he found one he could play on and could pay me a reasonable salary.