WolfPack Bytes (Men’s Hockey Nov 5, 2012)

  Posted on: November 6, 2012

Shane Mainprize waiting for puck with Cody Lockwood and Curtis Tonello beside him (horizontal Dec 3, 2011 Allan Douglas)

Shane Mainprize in action from last year (Allan Douglas photo)

Shane Mainprize is one of the goalies on the WolfPack hockey team and is co writing the teams blog.

Well,if Iwere allowed to swear on a blog after a pair of games that went the way they did i would probably do it on this one. Not a good weekend for the wolfPack mens hockey team. What ended up as a weekend of two losses at home, which should never happen at the den, the wolfPack is now 2-4.

In game one, we went against a solid Selkirk team who is yet to be unbeaten after beating us on Friday and SFU on Saturday. What was a great game with high energy and lots of goals we ended up with a 6-4 loss. We proved that we can play and compete with the best of our league but found a way to lose still.

Jake Howardson follows up the rush vs UVIC (Oct 12, 2012 Royce Sihilis)

Jake Howardson up ice (Royce Sihilis photo)

I can honestly say for myself I shouldhave came up with a timely save in the second or first period for the boys but I guess it wasnt in the cards on that night. The best thing about fridays game was yet another solid game for rookie Howie. The kid doesnt get much ice time but still consistently puts points on the scoresheet and generates energy on the bench and on the ice. Great positive attitude to have and all round great kid and i hope to see him get more ice time in the future cause he is a definite great addition to the wolfPack.

Saturday’s game was against the always enjoyable team to play from across the border.

Around the fallen defense

Scott Bollifer vs Eastern Washington (George Wycherley photo)

Eastern Washington was the team that we knocked out of playoffs last year and i dont think they have forgotten about that yet. Anyone who was at the game can honestly say that after the first period it looked like it was gonna be a long night for the visitors.

Goalie defending net

Riley Wall (George Wycherley photo)

But, after a flurry of second period goals,the roles were reversed going into the third. After 60 mins the visitors went home two points richer and we got nothing. It can honestly be said that we are in a slump. One that can not last long as the season is short and only top four make playoffs.

I believe in our group of guys in the room and it isnt gonna be long til this ship gets turned around. In this situation i think about the Washington Capitals during the HBO 24/7 series where they went on a 10 or 11 game skid where they lost every game and this was during the filming of the show to add to the sting. They bounced back and ended up beating the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Winter Classic and made playoffs with a respectable record.

We got the coaching staff and team to get back on track.

Kevin Lourens (2012-13 Andrew Snucins)

Kevin Lourens (Andrew Snucins photo)

And before long we are gonna see the return of Wrighter and Lourenz, whos much anticipated returns from injury could not come sooner. So, its back to the ice for two hard weeks of practice before we head off to take on the same Eagles we played on saturday to come home with four points and even the record out at 4-4.

Shane Mainprize and Lucas Daoust-Bloggers 2012-13 A. Snucins

Mainprize left with fellow blogger Lucas Daoust (Andrew Snucins photo)

Maybe Dozer will be able to put pen to paper and write his second blog of the year and give myself a little break haha. Come on Dozer!!

Gotta say thanks to Jer and Steve for all their hard work so far this year. Jer does endless work for us around the dressing room and steve does a non stop skate sharpening job. Thanks a lot guys its appreciated. A shout out to Spike for coming to our home games and takin care of the bumps and bruises for us all aswell.

taker easy, Prizer