WolfPack Bytes (Men’s Hockey) November 20,2012

  Posted on: November 20, 2012

Shane Mainprize and Lucas Daoust-Bloggers 2012-13 A. Snucins

Lucas Daoust (right) along with Shane Mainprize (left) are responsible for the WolfPack hockey team’s blog. Lucas writes this installment

The WolfPack Hockey Team hit the road bright and early Friday morning for a
road trip to Eastern Washington. We had to deliver a few wake up calls, but
we were off by 7am. After a light snooze we were woken up and found
ourselves at the border.


Most of our team had no problems going into the states, other then our lone
euro, Adrian, aka “Frenchie”. He was given a fair bit of special attention
that was rumoured to have involved a rubber glove.



The drive was quite boring. It actually reminded me of Saskatchewan.


The only scenic view, that grabbed most of the guys attention, was the
Coulee Dam.


Once we arrived in Cheney, Washington, we checked in to the Holiday Inn and
then left to grab a pre game meal. Lenny’s Italian Bistro was the


The team received a plate of delicious pasta, and a personal guarantee from
the owner Lenny that we would kick Eastern Washington’s butt because of his


The first game was one of our best efforts this season. We scored a total
of 8 goals and my fellow blogger Monte was outstanding between the pipes.


Nathan Michaels and I happened to suffer injuries in the game. We traveled
to Spokane to visit the emergency room. The receptionists seemed to be
pretty excited to find out we were from Canada. There were probably 10
people ahead of us, but somehow we were in and out before any of the other
people that were in front of us. Maybe it was because we looked so dapper
in our suits. Nate even had the pleasure of putting on a gown.


The next day the team had some spare time. Tony (Curtis Tenello) and I
decided to hit up the local McDonald’s. To our surprise they were having a
special on mcnuggets, so we decided to get 40. Yes that’s right FOURTY. It
only cost us a Lincoln ($5) each.


After that we had some down time at the hotel before heading back to
Lenny’s for another pre game meal.

I was unable to tie up my skates because of the injury I sustained in the
last game. Special thanks to teammate Kevin Neilson who volunteered.
“Neils” is a great team guy.


The second game started off in our favour, as we were up 2-0. Eastern put
up a good fight and we were tied going into overtime. Unfortunately, a bad
bounce led to a breakaway that resulted in the winning goal for Eastern

We went to Eastern Washington with 10 forwards and 4 defencemen; a short
bench to say the least. Our team battled hard and came up with 3 of a
possible 4 points on the weekend. Very proud of the boys!

We cruised home watching the Avengers and some other movie that I slept
right through. We arrived back in Kamloops at 7AM on Sunday. That concludes
our roady!

Alessio Tomassetti (2012-13 Andrew Snucins)

Also congrats to Alessio Tomassetti on his Player of the Week honours.
Well-deserved buddy!

Until next time,