WolfPack Athletes Salutes Cliff Neufeld

  Posted on: February 1, 2013

Sea of Orange (A. snucins  Jan 31, 2013)

The Championship Court of the Tournament Capital Centre was awash in orange on Thursday night (Jan 31). All of the WolfPack’s athletes were wearing the color as part of the Athletic and Recreation departments salute to the retiring CLiff Neufeld. Neufeld was a staunch supporter of the athletic program during his 31 years at TRU. Among the dignitaries on hand was President Alan Shaver. Neufeld received many accolades including seeing one of the department’s major awards renamed in his honor. A receipton preceded and followed the ceremony. This is what it looked like through the lenses of Andrew Snucins and Erin Connelly-Reed.

wall of athletes

Atheltes congregate in hall 1

Cliff Neufeld walks out with Abbey McAuley and Colin Casron

shot of the Athletes 1

shot of athletes 2

Looking out at the athletes

Dr Alan Shaver speaks with athletes behind him (Jan 31, 2013 Snucins)

Dr Alan Shaver speaks (Jan 31, 2013 Snucins)

Diane Schuetze with Cliff Neufeld (Jan 31, 2013 Snucins)

Cliff Neufeld receives honor from Diane Schuetze

Cliff Neufeld and Abbey McAuley look into stands

Cliff Neufeld with Abbey McAuley (Jan 31, 2013 Snucins)

Cliff Neufeld and Kevin Pribilsky

Cliff Neufeld with Kevin Pribilsky (Jan 31, 2013 Snucins)

Cliff Neufeld shakes Ken Olynyks hand (Jan 31, 2013 Snucins)

Ken Olynyk  thanks Cliff Neufeld (Snucins  Jan 31,2013)

Cliff Neufeld retirement party 1

Cliff Neufeld retirement party2

Tom McManus, Dr Alan Shaver and Ken Olynyk share a laugh