Images Of 2013 TRU Sports Task Force Golf Tournament

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  Posted on: June 11, 2013

Jenna Quinton and Denise Spacek join the kipp-brink foursome

The 2013 TRU Sports Task Force golf tournament was held Friday, June 7 th at ‘The Dunes” of Kamloops. This is a major fundraiser for scholarships and bursaries for WolfPack Athletics.
Here’s what it looked like.

Golf Carts lined up (2013 STF)

registration table (2013 STF)

Behlul Yavasgel and Colin Jaggard (2013 STF GT)

more signing in

signing in (2013 STF GT)

hamburgers and hot dogs before the event

Christopher Seguin foursome

Golf Tournament 045

Tom Burley foursome

Ray Chadwick, Sheldon Kennedy, Scott Reeves, Peter Soberlak foursome

Pat O Brien foursome

Open Learning foursome

Swag tent (2013 STF GT)

Chip Bantock, Tony Human and Carlo Beltrano foursome

Sven Kip, Chris Brink foursome

Jeff Van Joff and John Dyck foursome

Kevin Fertile and Kelly Shantz foursome

Tom McInulty foursome

Tom McManus and David  Martin foursome

John Antulov and Allan Connor foursome

Ken and Ron Olynyk foursome

Justin and Sean Wallace and Adam Dodgson foursome

Rick Nickelchok with clubs (STF 2013)

Golf Tournament 036

Dino Bernardo foursome

Golf Tournament 034

Golf Tournament 017

Anica Arduini (Sports Task Force GT 2013)

Golf Tournament 026

Brett Rouault (Sports Task Force GT 2013)

Golf Tournament 025

Golf Tournament 019

Del Komarniski foursome