Coaches’ Newsletter (Men’s Hockey Oct 24, 2013)

  Posted on: October 24, 2013

Don Schulz-Head coach ((2013-14 Snucins)

Don Schulz is into his third year behind the bench of the BC Intercollegate Hockey League WolfPack. 

Two weekends ago, Oct. 12, we travelled to Burnaby at Bill Copeland Arena to play our old adversary SFU losing 7-4. A questionable D pinch set up SFU’s first goal and a poor decision resulting in a major penalty that resulted in 2 more goals against proved to be the difference.  We played SFU straight up in the third tying 4-4.  Once again scoring is arising mainly from Josh MacDonald (2 assists) and Duncan Schulz (2 goals).  It was good to see Alex Martin get his second goal and Silvan Harper get his first in the BCIHL.

Silvan Harper ISO (Oct 4,2013 Snucins)

Silvan Harper (Andrew Snucins photo)

This last weekend, Oct. 18-19, we travelled to Castlegar to play Selkirk College a pair of games.  Going into the weekend it was a battle between two first place clubs.  That’s where it ended.  The first two periods of Friday’s game were our worst two periods of the season, especially the second where we gave up 5 unanswered goals.  We were down 7-0 after two; we managed to win the third 2-1 after our opposition took their foot off the accelerator and were on cruise control.  We were slow to react, we made slow decisions, lacked intensity, we were second to loose pucks and lost one on one battles.  We lacked speed, grit and showed spotty execution; a recipe for defeat losing 8-2.  Selkirk’s skating legs looked like Formula 1 wheels while ours looked like farm tractors.  Our second leading scorer, Duncan Schulz didn’t make the trip because of bronchitis; instead of others stepping up there were excuses.

Duncan Schulz behind net vs SFU (Feb 8, 2013 Snucins)

Duncan Schulz (Andrew Snucins photo)

We had an afternoon team meeting implementing some system changes, line changes and discussions about regrouping.  The right things were said, however, emotions boiled over about the refereeing and we were penalty killing half the game.  Once again we lost 5-1.  Once again the right things were said in the dressing room after but as I said to them, “Actions speak louder than words.”  Each player has to take some personal accountability.  We have to learn to adapt our play to the referee and not vice-versa.  We can have all the systems in the world, but one has to have the will to compete, be willing to pay the price and be willing to put in the work to be successful.  We seem to be full of excuses.  Yes, we’ve had the flu bug go through our team during the toughest part of the schedule; yes we’ve had only one home game.  Excuses; excuses are for teams who play golf during playoff time.

Don Schulz_9397

Coach Schulz at the bench (Allen Douglas photo)

The guys have had some major doses of how I feel about excuses at recent practices.  We’ve also worked on continued modifications to our offensive and neutral zone forechecks.  We’ve also worked hard on our Defensive zone play as well.  I’ve had enough excuses.  It’s one thing to talk the talk; it’s another to walk the walk which has been our theme all week.


We’ll see this Friday Oct. 25 when Selkirk comes into play us at Memorial Arena; puck drop is at 8:30 pm.


Don Schulz, Head Coach

TRU WolfPack Men’s Hockey