WolfPack Bytes: Women’s Volleyball Blog (January 23, 2014)

  Posted on: January 23, 2014

Katie Woo (2013-14 Snucins)

Katie Woo is a second year setter with the WolfPack women’s volleyball team. She is in the journalism program at TRU and will be writing the team’s blog

Welcome to the Thompson Rivers University Women’s Volleyball blog where the remainder of the 2013-14 season will be documented from a player’s perspective!

2013-14 WVB (Snucins)

WolfPack team photo at start of the 2013-14 season (Andrew Snucins photo)

It goes without saying that for a team with a record like ours, less than encouraging stats precede the individuals. While keeping it short and sweet, I wanted to introduce the girls on a more personal level, unlike what the numbers show.

Carly: Disciplined and a fighter
Bri: Calm and caring
Morgan: Passionate, energy giver
Robyn: Lovable and dedicated
Kristen: Hardworking and gentle
Julia: Goofy and energetic
Kat: Chill and sassy
Ashleigh: Sweet. Sounds simple, but honestly the best way to describe her
Charise: If you’ve ever watched one of our games, enthusiastic goes without saying
Tori: Dreamer yet a realist
Gabby: Affectionate and stable
Kaitlin: Confident and driven

This group has had their fair share of misfortune. It’s been over a year and a half of drought. There has been injuries, disappointment and many tears to go along with them. Believe me, this team has had no shortage of tears. This is an emotional bunch. However, this past week the team has taken baby steps to bring about a change of course.

Time Out for the WolfPack in Wpg (Jan 17, 2014 Camilla Dahl)

Interim head coach Chad Grimm during a time out last weekend in Winnipeg (Camilla Dahl photo)

To the shock of all the girls, last week were told we would have new coach for the remainder of the season. While the transition out of an entirely different way of life (dramatic, I know) is of course a process, the girls have tried to maintain an extremely positive outlook. Things seem so far so good with the new head coach Chad Grimm. All of the girls are really enjoying having him. This past weekend in Winnipeg the team even won a set!!! Baby steps!

The girls are looking forward to a tough weekend against Trinity where we can hopefully implement some of the things we’ve practiced. The energy and morale is high amongst the team and we’re hungry for the next step in our journey!


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