WolfPack Bytes (Women’s Volleyball January 31, 2014)

  Posted on: January 31, 2014

Katie Woo sets for Kristen Giesbrecht 00116

(Katie Woo is a second year setter with the WolfPack women’s volleyball team and is writing the team’s blog. The native of Surrey, BC is a Journalism student)



It’s game day in Regina! The team is very excited for this weekend. The last set against Trinity was an optimistic beginning of this week. Following last weekend where we played hard and built some needed confidence our sights are set on the mid-ranked University of Regina.

carly nelson and gabby fortin(Katie Woo photo)

Carly Nelson, Gabby Fortin and Julia Niemczewska in hotel room (Katie Woo photo)

It’s been an exciting week. Practices were mainly focused on addressing our defense. Not only that, but we started a new workout program, met a recruit and have had input from new coaches everyday this week. The amount of support we have felt from the community recently has been so encouraging and appreciated! On Wednesday, Bri, Morgan and I got to return some of that community support by volunteering at Wendy’s 20th Annual Dream Lift. This event is a fun time, benefiting a great cause, The Sunshine Foundation of Canada.

Katie Woo and Morgan Kolasa (WVB)

Katie and Morgan Kolasa at Wendy’s Dreamlift

Here in Regina, it is every bit as cold as one might expect.  However, being on the road with the girls is always one of the most fun things about being apart of a team. Yesterday was a long travel day and an early morning serve and pass, but spirits are high and the girls are ready as ever. We are excited to implement what we have worked on in the past days and finish our last away weekend a happy bunch.

Robyn Smith sleeping (Katie Woo Photo Jan 31, 2014)

Robyn Smith catching up on sleep (Katie Woo photo)


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