WolfPack Bytes (Women’s Volleyball) February 5, 2014

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  Posted on: February 5, 2014

Katie Woo (Jan 25, 2014 Snucins)

Katie Woo is a second year setter with the WolfPack women’s volleyball team. The native of Surrey, BC is a Journalism student and is writing the teams blog.

smiling Katie Woo (Jan 25, 2014  Snucins)

Katie Woo in a recent match (Andrew Snuicns photo)

With only one week left, I can hardly believe how quickly the last part of the season has gone by. The past few weeks have lent some fresh perspectives that I hope stay with my teammates and I. Here’s some of the lessons I’ve learnt…

Chad Grimm and Mike Hawkins watch (Jan 24, 2014 Snucins)

Interim head coach Chad Grimm (right) along with Mike Hawkins (left) (Andrew Snucins photo)

It is something Chad has emphasized to the team and it something I think he more than exemplifies. You’re going to be a person longer than a player. I believe all CIS athletes could agree that a season flies by. While it may seem short lived, the relationships you make and impressions you leave are not. This is something I really admire about Chad. Capturing respect by the example you set is no small thing. This team has seen an impressive amount of support in the past couple weeks that makes me feel challenged to pay it forward. Do something for someone else today.

Katie Woo (Nov 22, 2013 Snucins)

Woo ready to serve (Andrew Snucins photo)

Process not outcome:

I was extremely, extremely disappointed after our Friday match. We lost quite handedly and put up little fight compared to the weekend prior against a tougher team. Leading up to this weekend I was so incredibly excited to play Regina and potentially get a win that I lost sight of what was truly important to focus on. I cannot speak for all the girls but I think they’d agree that the result of the narrow perspective was tight and hesitant. Many things about the past two seasons have been humbling and this experience was no different. At this point it has to be more about fighting hard and improving, not about an end result. This reminded me of a saying a favourite club coach used to always repeat ‘just focus on completing your skill to the best of your ability’. With a consecutively winless season coming to a close, this phrase seems more significant than ever. Truly you cannot make yourself win, all you can truly control is the effort you put in how you execute your skill.

Katie Woo celebrates (Feb 2, 2013 Snucins)

Woo and teammates celebrate after a point (Andrew Snucins photo)


One thing I really commend my teammates for is their resilience. It hasn’t been easy but regardless, these girls have stuck it out. We’ve learnt how to support each other and be there for one another. I think it will be positive when our program is able to mature and build further. Trying situations are a part of life; now’s as good a time as any to learn to grow from them.


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