TRU And UBCO Split 2013-14 President’s Cup

  Posted on: February 16, 2014

UBCO's Deborah Buszard presents TRU's Alan Shaver Presidents Cup (Men 2013-14 Snucins)

After a nearly 10 year hiatis, the President’s Cup was awarded on Saturday (Feb 15) at the TRU Gym. This was first year that the President’s Cup competition has been held between Thompson Rivers University and the University of British Columbia Okanagan.  The President’s cup is awarded  in competition between the two schools in soccer (men’s and women’s), volleyball (men’s and women’s), basketball (men’s and women’s) and golf (men’s and women’s).

Alan Shaver raises 2013-14 Presidents Cup (Men) (Snucins Feb 15, 2014)

TRU President Alan Shaver raises the men’s President’s Cup (Andrew Snucins photo)

The competition was originally between the old University College of the Cariboo and Okanagan University College (1993-2003).

UBCO's Deputy Vice Chancellor and Principal Deborah Buszard raises Presidents Trophy (Women) (Snucins)

UBCO’s Deputy Vice Chancellor and Principal Deborah Buszard raises the President’s cup Women’s trophy (Andrew Snucins photo)

Going into the 2013-14 campaign, Thompson Rivers (UCC) had won  the last seven men’s trophies after  UBCO (OUC) took the first four.   The women’s trophy  has been won by UBCO (OUC) six times with Thompson Rivers (UCC) capturing it on five occasions.

TRU's Alan Shaver presents UBCO's Deborah Buszard with 2013-14 Presidents womens cup (Snucins)

TRU swept in men’s volleyball women’s basketball , split in men’s soccer and basketball, lost in men’s and women’s golf, was swept by UBCO in women’s volleyball and won and tied against UBCO in women’s soccer.
TRU President Alan Shaver accepted for the WolfPack, who won the men’s trophy. UBCO’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Principal Deborah Buszard accepted for the Heat, who took home the women’s trophy


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