Attendance Strong At 2017 Athletic Scholarship Breakfast

  Posted on: September 28, 2017

There was a good crowd on hand at the Grand Hall at TRU on Thursday morning (Sept 28). That was the date of the annual WolfPack Athletic Scholarship Breakfast. Order of Canada winner and former NHL’er Sheldon Kennedy of the Respect Group was the guest speaker. All but one of the teams were represented as well. The lone one missing was women’s volleyball who are on an exhibition tour of Eastern Canada. The breakfast raised over 230 thousand dollars with final numbers still being determined.

Murray Owen of Blazers Society (Stacey Krolow)

Miranda Pham at podium (Stacey Korlow)

Michelle Bos speaks (Stacey Krolow)

Murray Owen of Blazers Society (Stacey Krolow)

Matt Milovick (Stacey Krolow)

Miranda in front of stage (Stacy Krolow)

Michelle Bos and Shenise Sigsworth (Stacey Krolow)

Matt Milovick looks (Stacey Krolov)

Miranda Pham at podium (Stacey Korlow)

Miranda and McDonalds table (Stacey Krolow)

Our School Our Time (Stacey Krolow)

Nik and Conlan from X country (Stacey Krolow)

McDonalds folks and their soccer balls (Stacey Krolow)

McDonalds folks toss soccer ball (Stacey Krolow)

Mcdonalds folks trying to catch (Stacey Krolow)

Ryan Glanville shakes hand (Stacey Krolow)

Women's Soccer (Sept 28, 2017)

Shenise Sigsworth  (Stacey Krolow)

Baseball (Sept 28, 2017)

Shenise Sigsworth, Dean of Nursing, Michelle Bos (Stacey Krolow)

Women's basketball (Sept 28, 2017)

Women's basketball (Sept 28, 2017)

Josh Mullaney and Charlie Bringloe (Sept28, 2017)

Cross Country (Sept 28, 2017)

Sheldon Kennedy talks to Matt Milovick (Stacy Krolow)

Men's Soccer (Sept 28, 2017)

Sheldon Kennedy laughs (Stacey Krolow)

Breena Rusnell and Joelle Young (Sept 28,2917(

Sheldon Kennedy speaks (Stacey Krolow)

Main level (Sept 28, 2017)

Sheldon Kennedy makes a point (Stacey Krolow)

Cheerleading (Sept28, 2017)

Sheldon Kennedy reacts to question (Stacey Krolow)

Men's basketball (Sept 28, 2017)

Sheldon Kennedy hugs Shenise Sigsworth (Stacy Krolow)


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