Canada West TV launches 2018-19 season passes

  Posted on: June 21, 2018

James and Katie Matthews webcasting volleyball on Canada West TV

Coming off a successful 2017-18 season with new streaming partner Yare Media, Canada West has unveiled its pricing and packaging for the 2018-19 season on Canada West TV.

Passes for the upcoming season went on sale Thursday, with early bird pricing on all-access and regular season passes in effect until Friday, August 24.


2018-19 Canada West TV passes went on sale Thursday click here

Early bird pricing will be in effect on all-access and regular season passes until Friday, Aug. 24

Revenue from Canada West TV subscriptions is used to offset the significant investment members make annually to webcast more than 1,000 events collectively

This season marks the second year of Canada West’s partnership with Yare, which helped the conference provide an improved user experience, as viewers of the more than 1,000 events webcast last season were delivered video that automatically adapted to their device and internet connectivity.

Building off the packages and pricing offered last season, the conference has tweaked its offerings this season in a continued effort to enhance quality, and offset the webcast costs incurred by members.

Last season, Canada West members spent nearly $500,000 collectively on staff costs related to webcasting alone, with only a portion of that being recovered through pay-per-view revenues, which rose from the previous season.
2018-19 regular season packaging and pricing

Beginning with this season, fans will have new ways to access their favourite Canada West events, as regular season, and post-season events will be packaged separately.

Early bird price: $67.99

(full price beginning Aug. 25: $89.99)

What you get: The name says it all. Access to absolutely everything on Canada West TV. Every regular season, playoff, championship, exhibition, and non-conference event webcast by our members – live and on demand.

Who it’s for: Can’t get enough Canada West action, regardless of school, sport, or time of year? This pass is for you. No need to worry about who, or what you’re watching – this pass has you covered.
Regular season SCHOOL pass

Early bird price: $36.99

(full price beginning Aug. 25: $44.99)

What you get: Every regular season event featuring your favourite school – live and on demand.

Who it’s for: Proud alums, students, or general fans of a specific school looking to watch events in multiple sports. This pass gets you all the school pride you can handle during the regular season.

Did we mention that 80% of CW revenues from school pass sales go back directly to the school? Show your support for your alma mater and buy a school pass this season!
Regular season SPORT pass

Early bird price: $29.99

(full price beginning Aug. 25: $35.99)

What you get: Every regular season event in a single sport (both genders) – live and on demand.

Who it’s for: Not a super fan like our all-access and school subscribers – that’s fine! If you’re just looking to watch regular season action in a single sport, we have you covered. Sport passes are available for: football, basketball, volleyball, and hockey.

Soccer sport passes are also available, but not every CW member webcasts all home games (that’s coming in 2019!). All Pacific Division teams webcast, along with Alberta, MacEwan, and Lethbridge in the Prairie Division. Want to watch a game on demand from a school who doesn’t live webcast? Every soccer game will be available on demand this season.
Single event pass

Regular price: $6.99

What you get: A single event either live, or on demand.

Who it’s for: People looking to dip their toe into the Canada West TV pool. This pass provides you with the opportunity to watch a single event. If you watch the event live, you’ll also have access to the archive on demand for 48 hours.

2018-19 post-season packaging and pricing

For fans who purchase a regular season school, or sport pass, you’ll need to add a post-season pass to your package to watch the playoffs (and championships in our tournament sports).

Be sure to check back this fall for post-season packaging and pricing OR simply buy an all-access pass today and watch absolutely every event on Canada West TV all season long.