WolfPack Teams Out In Force For “Raise a Reader”

  Posted on: September 26, 2018

TRU men's volleyball players Sam Elgert, Keel Haldane and Cole Hanson with Literacy Kamloops chair Fiona Clare (Larry Read photo)

Wednesday, September 26th was the date of the annual Raise a Reader event. This is the 11th annual. The WolfPack have always been strong supporters of this event. On this day: men’s volleyball, men’s basketball, men’s and women’s soccer and women’s rugby were all a part of the volunteer crew.   A total of $ 12,301.40. Men’s Volleyball was the top fund raiser again: $1,814.47.  Men’s basketball garnered $1,197.41.  The two TRU soccer teams raised $ 797.80.  We don’t have a final total on how women’s rugby seven’s did at their Valleyview Starbucks location. Here are photos courtesy of Sports Information Officer Larry Read.

Ken Christian, Julia Cantin (WRUG Sept 2018)

Isaac Smit and Larry Read (Sept 2018)

Angela Seymour and Scott Clark (Sept 2018)

Kyle Behiels and Ryan Hampe (MVB Sept 2018)

Madhu McConnell (MBB Sept 2018)

Charlie Bringloe sells paper (Sept 2018)

John O' Fee, Larry Read and MVB (Sept 26, 2018)

Anton Napolitano sells paper (Sept 26, 2018)

Joe Davis, Yonathan Michael, Michael Rouault Richard Mageto (MBB Sept 2018)

Ryan Adams,Peter Olson, Sam Taylor Parks (MVB Sept 2018)

Devin Halcrow, Tyler Schilling, Tyus DeVries, Anton Bilous (MBB Sept2018)

Camryn Curts, Rylee Singleterry, Marisa Mendonca (Sept 2018)

Charlie Bringloe, Dale Bass, Tim Edge (MVB Sept 2018)

Landon Currie and Anton Napolitano (MVB Sept 2018)

MBB selling paper (Sept 26, 2018)

Charlie Bringloe and Tim Edge (MVB Sept 2018)

MVB waiting at Starbucks (Sept 2018)

Zakh Barone, Emmanuel Aniogbe, Josh Banton (MSOCSept 2018)

Madison Malcolm, Gwen Freeze, Chantal Gammie (WSOC Sept 2018)

Sam Elgert,Fiona Clare, Keil Haldane, Cole Hanson (MVB Sept 2018)

Scott Cramer, Jordell Afonso, Jackson Gardner (MSOC Sept 2018)

Raise A Reader Committee (Sept 26, 2018)


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