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  Posted on: September 28, 2018

WolfPack women's soccer players group hug students after Fox Run at Savona (Larry Read picture)

WolfPack athletes were out in full force on Thursday (Sept 27) as a number of Kamloops schools had Terry Fox Runs. Here are images from Marion Schilling, Juniper Ridge, Savona and Summit.

Shae Fuoco (Sept 27, 2018)

WSOC with Kerry Walker (Hill) (Sept 27, 2018)

Natalie Verdiel and Marisa Mendonca (Sept 27, 2018)

signing autographs (Sept 27, 2018)

WSOC and Principal Krista Halland (Sept 27, 2018)

Natalie Verdiel calls out (Sept 27, 2018)

stretches (Sept 27, 2018)

saying good bye (Sept 27, 2018)

Juniper Ridge Fox Run 2018 (Chad Grimm photo)

Avery Pottle running with Juniper Ridge (Chad Grimm photo)

Athletes high fiving at Marion Schilling (Sept 27, 2018 Gord Cumming photo)

lining up to high 5 at Marion Schilling (Sept 27,2018 Gord Cumming)

getting set to high 5 (Sept27, 2018 Gord Cumming)

Sam Dyck leading warm up at Summitt (Sept 27, 2018 Kristine chan photo)

Sam Dyck and Zoe Painter waiting at Fox Run (Kristine Chan Sept 27, 2018)