Women’s Soccer Player Malcolm displays cooking prowess on CFJCTV

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  Posted on: October 5, 2018

WolfPack women's soccer player Madison Malcolm on the set at CFJC TV (Larry Read photo)

WolfPack women’s soccer player Madison Malcolm (Kingston, ON) is not only an elite athlete but she is also a top notch cook and entrepreneur. She explained about writing a cook book and having an internet catering business on CFJC TV in a segment which aired on Thursday, October 4th.

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Maddy Malcolm poses with food (Sept 2018)

Maddy Malcolm on CFJC Cooking set (Sept 2018)

Adam donnelly asks Maddy Malcolm question (Sept 2018)

Maddy Malcolm answers question (Sept 2018)

Adam donnelly and Maddy Malcolm (Sept 2018)

Maddy Malcolm and Wolfie (Sept 2018)


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