WolfPack Women’s Volleyball at SPCA Pause For A Cause

  Posted on: September 9, 2017

WolfPack Women's Volleyball being photographed by Kamloops This Week's Allen Douglas

One of the community events that the WolfPack women’s volleyball program likes to do every year is the SPCA ‘Paws for a Cause”. Coach Grimm and the team were at Pioneer Park on Saturday morning (Sept 9, 2017).

WVB pose with Digger (Sept 9, 2017)

WVB gather (Sept 9, 2017)

WVB gathering at SPCA Paws for a Cause (Sept9, 2017)

Team photo before SPCA Paws for Cause (Sept 8, 2017

Nathan Bennett Hali Drezet, Robyn Bennett and Chad Grimm

Morgan Rigelhof (Sept 9, 2017)

Yevgena Nyukhalova (Sept 9, 2017)

Nathan Bennett and Chad Grimm (Sept 9, 2017)

Yevgenia Nyukhalova pets dog (Sept 8, 2017)

Kendra Finch and Rachel Windhorst (Sept 8, 2017)

Allen Douglas getting set to take photo (Sept 9, 2017)

WVB doing warmup (Sept 9,2017)

Hali Drezet Katie Ludvig (Sept 9, 2017)

WolfPack vole,lyball (Sept 9, 2017)

lining up to do warmup (Sept 9, 2017)

Walking (Sept 9, 2017)

Chad Grimm walking (Sept 9, 2017)

Abby Spratt walking (Sept 8, 2017)


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